Give birth the calm way with Hypnobirthing

Discover your innate ability to birth your baby in a relaxed, peaceful state of mind with manageable birthing sensations.


Childbirth can be an empowering and positive event in your life. During my Hypnobirthing sessions, you will learn techniques and methods that help you to have a comfortable, natural childbirth. It is an established, effective way to birth your baby in a positive, calm environment. You will learn ways to go into deep relaxation; the best state to be in to birth your baby so your muscles can relax and gently open, just as nature intended them to.

I used hypnobirthing techniques for the birth of my second child and I trained with Katherine Graves from The Hypnobirthing Association.  The opportunity to support several clients experience calm and comfortable Hypno-births in my work as a Doula have been highlights of my career. 

Hypnobirthing is simple, logical, profound and effective. It enables you to work with your body in a totally natural way – making birth a positive experience for you, your partner (if you have one) and your baby
— Katharine Graves

The Key Benefits of the Hypnobirthing Course

  • Partners are given a vital role, both involved and supportive, making it more of a team effort

  • A relaxed, peaceful birth experience rather than a tense, stressful ordeal

  • A more relaxed and enjoyable pregnancy

  • Eliminates or greatly reduces the need for chemical painkillers

  • Eliminates fatigue during labour, leaving mother fresh, awake and with energy for birth

  • Reduces the risk of hyperventilation from shallow breathing methods

  • Promotes special bonding between mother, baby and birthing partner


Some of the practical skills you will learn

  • Support in creating your Blank Birthing Canvas - specific techniques to overcome fears or anxieties about birthing or parenting, crucial to achieving a comfortable stress-free birth

  • Birth explained simply: What do we need to know about the processes of normal physiological labour?

  • Your beautiful birthing body: How your muscles and hormones function, and what to expect

  • How the uterus works in birthing: What are contractions and how to work in harmony with them

  • Understand your birthing brain: Becoming consciously aware of the relationship between the mind and body

  • A range of simple, but specialised, relaxation techniques to practise both with your birth partner and on your own 

  • Special breathing techniques that allow you to work in harmony with your birthing body

  • Visualisations techniques to enable you to work confidently with your body

  • Positive affirmation techniques to empower you

  • Creation and control of endorphins; your body's own natural anaesthesia

  • Special massage techniques for a more comfortable labour

Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear.
— Jane Weideman

Hypnobirthing Session Costs

Choose between a one-day intensive class for £250, or two half-day classes (approx. 3 hours each) for £135 each.

These intensive classes are personalised course and therefore times vary from couple to couple and can last anywhere from five to six hours depending on birthing knowledge, ability to pick up techniques and how many breaks are needed.

Hypnobirthing sessions are held in the privacy of my Garden Studio.    Private tuition can also be arranged in your own home if preferable. 

Included in the cost are the following:

  • The official Katherine Graves HypnoBirthing book + Relaxation CD (it is advised that you read this book before the course)

  • A supporting course manual

  • 1-2-1 teaching experience - giving you plenty of opportunity to ask questions (no question is a stupid question!)

  • Phone and email support post the course and right up to the day you give birth, at no extra cost

What parents are saying

"Not only did hypnobirthing give us the birth we wanted, it also gave us so much more strength as a family during the pregnancy and our first few weeks together. It was a real team effort which has made the bond between us even stronger. None of this would have been possible without your support and we will never be able to thank you enough."
Laura & Aaron, proud new parents to baby Willow

"Great news! Phoebe Star Tridgell was born on Sunday at 14:41! A very healthy 8lb 4oz. Jo was amazing, and we listened to all our hypno cd's on and off from start to finish. I have also built up my shoulders and arms considerably after about 8 hours of endorphin release massage, which was a massive help to Jo during each of her surges! One of the 2 midwives even said that she was going to include us as a case study in her Masters thesis on non intervention birthing!! Jo used gas and air as we got near the end but that was it... Just amazing. All that practise was well worth the effort. Thanks so much for your help and advice. It really helped us ensure the best possible birth for Phoebe."
John & Jo, proud new parents to baby Phoebe

"I believe this fast progress was due to my use of the appropriate breathing techniques you taught me with hypnobirthing. I did not ask for any pain relief at all throughout the entire birthing process. Max was a calm and contented and alert newborn. He's been a joy since birth and I'm sure the calmness with which I felt able to get through the labour process helped. Thank you very much."
Dr Gemma S. Newman, proud new hypnobirthing mum to baby Max

"I really believe that the hypnobirthing helped me to be relaxed and pain free until we got to hospital, and still reasonably relaxed once we got there. The recovery was so much better this time, the easy and quick labour made a huge difference. Thanks you so much for your help I really appreciate it."
Kate, proud new mum to baby Elsa


I am more than happy to chat if you want any more information - please, do get in touch.