Baby Massage & Post Natal Care

- 4 week term will start on the 18th June 2019 - 5 spaces available

- following 4 week term will start in September 2019, dates tbc.

Each session lasts 90 minutes, allowing for Baby Massage, tea & chat time.

Sundaramama Private Garden Studio
Sixth Cross Road
Twickenham TW2
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£60 for four weeks of tuition.

Semi-private class with a maximum of 6 Mothers & Babes

Contact Lucy for booking, location and payment details


Benefits of Baby Massage and Course insights

The postnatal period is one of adjustment and great change, and these classes are a calm, relaxing and hugely beneficial session for you and your baby.  

Through this hands-on course, you’ll learn why Positive Touch is so beneficial to your baby and yourself, & feel confident offering your baby a top to toe massage that you can safely and effectively practice in the comfort of your own home, using specific oils and cover specific therapeutic needs.

Overall, your baby will be soothed and relieved from common complaints such as colds, colic, congestion, constipation etc, whilst also giving you time to bond with your little ones, recover from birth and soothe your baby's transition into the world.  

Benefits for parents:

  • Gain confidence working with your newborn

  • Encourages positive parent / baby interaction

  •  Social interaction with other parents and babies

Benefits for babies:

  • Aids digestion

  •  Helps to calm and relax

  •  Encourages secure attachment

  • Says "I love you"

The tuition fee includes:   

  • A small bottle of organic, cold-pressed vegetable oil for baby massage at home.

  • A comprehensive Baby Massage booklet detailing all the massage strokes

  • A guided Mummy Meditation designed to help relax busy Mamas.  

Babies are welcome from 8 weeks, up until crawling. This will be a small group class in which you'll receive lots of attention. We'll practice together and you'll practice at home between sessions. We have ample time to discuss all your questions.