Yoga for pregnancy in London

Day Time Class Venue
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11:15 AM - 12:30 PM Yoga for Pregnancy at The Life Centre The Life Centre, Notting Hill
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07:40 PM - 08:50 PM Nourishing Pregnancy Yoga and Relaxation
New 6 week term starting on Tuesday 17th April. Bookings being taken now.
Twickenham Green, TW2
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07:40 PM - 08:50 PM Nourishing Pregnancy Yoga
The Wednesday evening class will start again in Spring 2018. Thank you.
Private Studio, Twickenham (TW2)

Yoga is an ideal exercise for pregnant women and can promote a greater awareness of the changing body during this special time. The classes provide a warm and supportive environment to guide you safely through every stage of pregnancy and each one of our classes has been designed to help you enjoy preparing physically, mentally and emotionally for labour and birth.

What will I learn?

Everything we teach is designed to help you to have a more relaxed pregnancy and a calmer birth. Our classes are designed for everyone, whatever your fitness, flexibility or birth journey and each session encourages you to embrace your pregnancy, connect deeply with your baby, maintain your fitness and energy levels & enjoy preparing mentally and physically for your birth.

In all our classes you will learn breathing, relaxation, visualisation, affirmation techniques and yoga stretches to support and nurture yourself and your baby. Each class ends with a deep relaxation for nourishment of mother and baby leaving you positive, empowered, relaxed and informed about your pregnancy, birth and journey to motherhood. Classes are informal, fun and friendly.

Every Mum-to-be is sent supporting material on the relevant topics that compliment the teaching from class and your NCT / antenatal classes; giving you a portfolio of skills and tools to make for a healthier more enjoyable pregnancy and birth.

Every class includes:

  • Postures and exercises that are designed to help develop flexibility and strength in your body, boost energy levels and promote relaxation and restful sleep
  • Breathing practices that can support the many changes taking place both physically and emotionally.
  • Strengthening postures build stamina for the labour
  • Yoga stretches create space within the body for the growing baby helping the mother feel more comfortable.
  • The classes focus on preventing and dealing with common pregnancy related ailments such as heartburn, sciatica, swollen joints and backache.
  • Each class ends with a deep relaxation for nourishment of mother and baby leaving you positive, empowered, relaxed and informed about your pregnancy and birth.

All the practices are designed to be comfortable, enjoyable and safe for you and baby.

When do I Start?

You can start our Pregnancy Yoga classes when you are 14 weeks pregnant and you can continue right up until birth of your baby. You will be in safe hands with an experienced teacher who will gently guide you to work at a level that's right for you and your needs.

Ongoing Birth Inspiration

We recommend that you attend these classes on an ongoing weekly basis throughout your pregnancy and compliment your classes by attending one of our Hypnobirthing courses or birth preparation workshops as this will give you and your partner the chance to deepend your practise of the techniques you will learn in class. The right sort of support can even result in a slightly shorter labour and more positive birth experience and our workshops have been designed to provide valuable skills for both you and your partner.

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Breathe your way to a better birth
An affordable and practical 2 hour workshop that teaches mothers-to-be breathing & relaxation techniques designed to increase the comfort of labour and birth. When we learn how to focus and calm our breath, we can control the fear that causes discomfort and pain. This workshop complements our other Pregnancy Yoga and private Hypno-birthing sessions.
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If you loved our pregnancy classes, please do contact us to find out more about our Mummy and Me postnatal yoga classes - No previous yoga experience is needed, just a willingness to have fun and celebrate motherhood is required!
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BIRTH THE CALM WAY. Enjoy a one-to-one, private Hypnobirthing workshop in the comfort of your own home. Tailored tuition at realistic prices.
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Everything we teach is designed to help you to have a more relaxed pregnancy and a calmer birth. Choose from our Pregnancy Yoga, HypnoBirthing workshops and Birth Preperation sessions to help you feel prepared, informed and inspired!
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Book Now! Candlelit Pregnancy Yoga in Twickenham
Relax, restore and renew. Book now for Pregnancy Yoga in Twickenham. Each term we explore new themes and practices, designed to support you on your journey to motherhood. Click here to find out term dates and booking information...
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Visit our Birth Rehearsals page to find out more about Doula Dad, our holistic Birth Preperation course for couples - be prepared, inspired and informed!
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MON : Baby Massage
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM, Twickenham

TUE : Yoga for Pregnancy
11:15 AM - 12:30 PM, Notting Hill

TUE : Yoga for Pregnancy
07:40 PM - 08:50 PM, Twickenham

WED : Yoga for Pregnancy
07:40 PM - 08:50 PM, Twickenham.

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